5 Tips For Traveling to the Beach With Kids

Is there anything better than a trip to the beach?

The waves.

The wind.

The sand in every part of your car and the condo and your bathing suit.

Wait. Maybe not that last one.

But seriously, I love the beach. Especially going with my kids. I love seeing their faces as we walk up and see the beach for the first time.

Pure joy.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to think ahead about things that will make the trip easier. Lucky for you, I have 5 tips to help ease some of the stress so you can enjoy watching your kids play in the waves with your toes in the sand!

Now these tips are geared towards kids that are potty trained and out of diapers as that’s the stage of life I’m in right now.

For those of you who still have diapers and toddlers….

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Been there mama. Been there.

Freeze water bottles

You definitely want to remember to keep you and your kids well-hydrated while you play away in the sun for hours on end. If you bring a water bottle out to the beach with you, it’s only going to stay cold for maybe an hour.

What’s worse than a lukewarm bottle of water?

A hot bottle of water. Yummy.

I’ve found that if you freeze the bottle the night before, then as the day progresses it will melt and you’ll have ice cold water all day!

Bring snacks

Let me set a scene for you.

You pack all the toys excitedly.

You grab your chair…
an umbrella…
your frozen water bottle (look at you being all prepared and following that first tip)…

and you head to the beach with your whole crew!

You’re out there for about an hour and a half and something starts happening with your kids.

Your once peaceful, happy, joyful children have turned into cranky, whiny, sensitive people that cry over the sand that all of a sudden seems to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times.

You sit back and wonder, what has happened to my children?

It’s a little thing I like to call…


It’s a real thing.

These babies need some food. Fast.

But you, being the prepared mama that you are, have read this blog post and have snacks on hand!

Food that travels well to the beach:
~ Pretzels
~ Cheez-Its
~ Goldfish
~ Fruit Snacks
~ Grapes

Another tip. Prepackage portions into snack size baggies.

Nothing like having a side of sand in your bag of pretzels.

 Transporting toys

I found this tip on Pinterest before my first trip to the beach with my littles and it was genius!

Grab yourself a mesh laundry basket like this one linked below.

Put all your shovels, pails, sand castle buckets, goggles, anything that will be played with in the sand, inside the basket.

It’s so easy to carry to the beach and it’s filled with little holes for any water and excess sand to fall out.

Be flexible

If you are a mom of any number of kids, you know that you can have the best laid out plans and have everything ready to go, but one cranky toddler can change all of that.

So my advice would be never to leave your house. Ever.

I kid, I kid.

Make plans. Pack that diaper bag. Pack that beach bag. Grab that Kindle.

But hold on to all of your plans with a loose hand. If you see your kid heading to meltdown city…. Be ready to throw in the towel.

See what I did there? Towel. Beach.


Have a back-up plan. Go back to the condo and cuddle on the couch with a movie and some popcorn. Play a card game. Take a nap.

Know that everything you do will be a memory.

Which leads me to my next point.

Relax and enjoy the moment

You know the saying.

The days are long, but the years are short.

It’s so cliche, but it’s so true.

Before we know it, these little babies will be grown and wiping their own booty. We’ll actually be able to read a book while sitting in our beach chair and not watching their every move like a hawk.

Our babies won’t be babies forever. So slow down and cherish these moments mama. You’ll miss them one day.

Except maybe how long it takes to apply sunscreen on four kids.  I don’t think I’ll miss that.

Do you have any beach tips to add?

How to Clean for Company in 5 Minutes

You get that phone call.

“Hey, I’m about 5 minutes away. Do you mind if I stop by real quick?”

Look around the house. {Insert crying emoji}

If you were to tell the truth, the answer would be, “Umm…no. There are dishes piled in the sink, toys thrown all over the floor, and I’m pretty sure there’s pee on the toilet seat right now from one of my boys.”

But being the ever-gracious host that you are, you answer, “Sure! Can’t wait to see you!”

As you hang up the phone, you can do one of two things:

1. You can start screaming at everyone that’s in your path and run around like a maniac trying to pull the house together.

2. You can follow these tips to pull your house together. Fast!

(Because I know how smart you are, I’m going to assume you will pick #2)

Great choice! So let’s put 5 minutes on the timer and ready, set, go!


Grab a basket and put anything that does not belong in the living room, kitchen, wherever it is that you will be sitting down with your guest. It doesn’t matter what room it belongs in, if it doesn’t go in that particular room, put it in the basket. After you’re done collecting all the random things that have floated into your main living area, go stick it in a room where the door will be closed. This door will stay shut and this room will be strictly off limits to all guests.


Now onto the kitchen. You have two options here.

First option:  Pile all the dirty dishes in the oven. Yes, you read that right. I’ve never had a guest come in and open my oven door to inspect the inside, so your dirty dishes will be safe inside. Just don’t forget to take your dishes out after the guests leave or else you’ll get a surprise when you preheat the oven for dinner.

Second option:  Fill your sink with hot, sudsy water and put your dirty dishes into the soapy water. Your guests will assume they caught you right in the middle of washing dishes. 😉


Spot clean the guest bathroom. Take a Clorox wipe and wipe down the entire toilet. If you have little boys like I do, wipe the floor around the toilet as well. Then with another Clorox wipe, wipe down the sink and faucet. Put a fresh hand towel out and light a candle in the bathroom. 


Lastly, to give it a nice, fresh smell, light your favorite candle in the main sitting room of your house.

Now when that doorbell rings, you can answer the door with a smile on your face and your guests will wonder how you keep your  house so clean.

Shhh…it’ll be our secret.



Do you have any tips or tricks you use before last minute guests arrive?